Phone Systems

To achieve success, your business needs an efficient phone system in place.

Bespoke telephone systems...

Mutu is here to provide it. As telecoms experts, we specialise in identifying and supplying the best phone systems for any type of business.

We'll provide your company with a bespoke telephone system that includes the hardware, software and professional messaging services you need to boost staff productivity and enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

01, 02, 03 or 08

With Mutu, your chosen numbers are hosted through our hosted managed solution.

Mutu's Call Manager™

You'll be freed from the restrictions of a single phone line and handset.

Quick Number Porting

Your existing numbers can be quickly and easily ported over to the Mutu network.

The perfect package for your business

Whilst Mutu has particular expertise in hosted telecoms solutions, we'll design and deliver a telecoms solution that's tailored to meet the current and future needs of your business – whether that's a basic phone system or the most advanced feature-rich system available.

Your chosen phone system can use traditional analogue or digital lines (ISDN) or run on Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, or a combination. The great news is that Mutu can provide all these technologies under one roof, saving you the trouble of sourcing different suppliers for each element of your phone system.

Happy with your existing system?

That's great. However, our expert telecoms team will still assess your phone system to identify ways we can make it work harder for you. Our aim is to turn your business phone system into a sophisticated sales and marketing tool. We want it to be engaging, interesting and easy to use – and to turn callers into customers.

Take control with Call Manager

We understand the challenges every organisation faces today: time, finance, resources, globalisation and staff mobility. Our innovative Call Manager solution will help you effectively manage all these challenges. It bolts onto your phone system to provide a wealth of call management and promotional features that will benefit your business in all kinds of ways.

Mutu Call Manager™

Benefits for your business:

  • A range of feature-rich systems to suit your business needs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Fully scalable solutions for fast-growing companies
  • Present a professional company image
  • Advanced IVRs available for small businesses
  • Remote working options available
  • Disaster Recovery plan