Lines & Calls

88% of our customers saved money by moving their business phone lines and calls to Mutu.

Independent provider...

We'll analyse your recent bills and create a tailored package that meets your exact business needs. From installing new lines to transferring existing services, Mutu will make everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations.

We offer a range of business calls and line packages to suit any business type. As an independent provider, we can offer a selection of tariffs much more cheaply than the major phone networks. However, we use the same BT Openreach engineers as for BT's business phone services, so you get the same business phone lines at a lower cost.

Our promise to our customers is simple: great products, great service and great support staff.

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Quick Number Porting

Your existing numbers can be quickly and easily ported over to the Mutu network.

Cheaper than BT

As an independent provider, we can offer a selection of tariffs much more cheaply.

01, 02, 03 or 08

With Mutu, your chosen numbers are hosted through our hosted managed solution.

Benefits for your business:

  • Choose from any available 01, 02, 03 and 08 numbers
  • Present a local presence in a new area, or a national presence with an 08 number
  • Add prestige to your business with a London presence
  • Ideal if you're opening a new business or need a phone number for a specific project
  • Instant connection for new numbers and fast, easy porting for existing numbers
  • View online and real time call data using our web portal
  • Simplify multisite contacts with a single number
  • Save your customers money with a free-phone number or earn revenue with a national number
  • Keep your chosen numbers forever
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